The Team




AGE: 33

EDUCATION / SKILLS: Jewellery manufacturing, Hospitality & Catering

ROLE: Jewellery maker for Made By Sisters

Azwiangi comes from Venda in Limpopo, South Africa. She loves working with her hands and is skilled in working with silver, beading and sewing. She is very happy to be part of Made By Sisters and believes that this could mean a stable income and new opportunities for her and her family. Azwi has always liked Economics and Geography and a childhood dream is to travel the world and one day go to China - her favourite movie star is Jackie Chan!



AGE: 37

EDUCATION / SKILLS: Jewellery manufacturing

ROLE: Jewellery maker for Made By Sisters

Dineo comes from Polokwane in Limpopo, South Aftica. She has three sons, aged 17, 11 and five years old. Her dream is to be a part of a successful jewellery company that is known internationally. Made By Sisters is very important to Dineo as this could help her create a better future for her children.

While growing up she wanted to be an accountant but could not pursue her studies due to lack of funding. Her favourite subject was Mathematics and she loves working with numbers. Dineo also dreams of going to Rio in Brazil and her favorite actress is Angelina Jolie!  



AGE: 28

EDUCATION / SKILLS: Media studies and Communication Science, Unisa

ROLE: Jewellery maker for Made By Sisters

Mulayo comes from Polokwane, Limpopo. She discovered her love for jewellery-making whilst pursuing her degree in Communication Science at the University of South Africa in 2012. She then founded her own company named SereMhani Creations, that makes modern Afro-Centric accessories and body beads. Being part of Made By Sisters is very exciting, and her dream is that it grows internationally. She will continue her work with SereMhani Creations, parallel with Made By Sisters