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I boarded the plane to South Africa with excitement! The plan was to reinvigorate the G12 team in Polokwane and reconnect with friends in Johannesburg.

I hadn’t seen Azwi, Mulayo and Dineo for over a year. I hoped they still wanted to be on the team - orders were trickling in, but material availability and production quality were constant issues. Managing a team remotely (from Liechtenstein to Limpopo) had its own challenges. Bad Skype connections, misunderstandings…well I simply didn’t know what to expect when I arrived.

Then I remembered.  These three ladies are the reason I’m doing this. Their passion, strength and vulnerability made me fall in love with the project all over again. The next generation of boys and girls in South Africa relies on strong women. There are millions of women like Azwi, Mulayo and Dineo - and I am supporting three. This is a small step, a small contribution by G12, nevertheless important for the future of South Africa. We need more companies, more projects to empower women!

We laughed, cried, brainstormed and made plans for 2017/2018. One thing is for sure - Gabi On 12th is going to be a success no matter what!

We had to break the ice and rebuild trust. To set expectations and facilitate the discussion, I introduced a card game called “Point of You”. This helped create an open team environment: how we felt about the last year, the present, and necessary actions to move forward.

We articulated our differences and similarities. Because of our common values & beliefs, we are strong. Because of our differences, we are creative. 

Diversity and inclusion became the theme - how we could make the most of our collective life experiences, cultures, and drive to make a difference.

Quality at G12 is ultimately about craftsmanship.

To scale-up quality, we needed everybody to align on:

a) what quality means

b) what it looks like

c) how we make it part of our daily routine

It was necessary to sit face to face and go through the different techniques. To discuss how we raise the quality bar continuously.

Control and re-work is key. We had seen how small faults could repeat and replicate themselves, and suddenly they became the new normal. Therefore we invented a quality board with a “G12 best bracelet” to compare against. Then we reinstated the Manager quality checklist & agreed on weekly Skype quality improvement meetings.

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